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Brain Games - Fun Puzzles


This app can also be used as a memory test!Fun brain games to test memory and concentration, every game takes about 1 minute and they're a great way to improve concentration.
This app can be specially useful between study sessions or work to improve concentration.
A good game for kids, girls, boys, adults, everyone who loves puzzles, memory tests, brain puzzles and memory trainers.
This app will always be free and with time updated with more games!
First game: remember the numbers position, a quick exercise to test photographic memory.
Second game: remember the squares position, also a visual memory game.
Third game: make the largest possible rectangles with blocks of the same color. A simple brain game with a count-down timer; may need some strategy to achieve a higher score.
Fourth game: variations of the first game, destined to children or people who need more time to understand and play the game.
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